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    Introduction and Comparison of Data Envelopment Analysis Software Packages
    Alinezhad, A., Mirtaleb, S. H., Khalili, J.,
    This book presents and compares 11 software packages of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). Performance measurement is done by various methods, one of which is DEA. Due to the ability of DEA models to meet practical requirements, extensive research can be conducted in the fields of mathematics, management, economics, and engineering. Therefore, during recent decades, the use of this method has been considered with significant growth among researchers. DEA evaluates the performance of Decision Making Units (DMUs). more


    Measuring Efficiency of Commercial Banks in India - A DEA Study
    Madhvi, Amit Srivastava
    Efficiency is always measured in terms of the combination of the inputs and outputs. Many researchers have proposed various methods for measuring efficiency of banks. However, we use a popular linear programming technique, Data Envelopment analysis (DEA). DEA can deal with multiple inputs and multiple outputs in a single structure, illustrating the change in efficiency score with respect to the changes in input/output variable. In order to identify the most efficient commercial banks operating in India, DEAOS software has been used. more


    Measuring the relative efficiency of education organizations of country: Data envelopment analysis approach
    Arab, A., Ghaffari, H.,
    The aim of this study was to calculate the efficiency of education organizations of country using DEA and determine efficient and inefficient units and ranking of them and determine performance changes in the years 2007 until 2010. Using the statistics and the values related to the three input variable (Performance credits, student density rate, teacher education level) and two output variables (pass rates and graduation rates) and by Deaos Software and to methods of profit maximization and cost minimization and with two assumptions of constant return to scale and variable return to scale the model has been provided and resolved and then using supper efficiency of units the ranking and in terms of efficiency of highest and lowest unit was determined and using Malmquist index the efficiency changes during studied years has been also calculated. more


    A Comparative Evaluation of Public Health Centers with Private Health Training Centers on Primary Healthcare Parameters in India: a Study by Data Envelopment Analysis Technique
    Davey, S., Raghav S. K., Singh J. V., Davey A., Singh, N.,
    This study was carried out by DEA technique by using basic radial models (constant ratio to scale (CRS)) in linear programming via DEAOS free online Software among four decision making units (DMUs; by comparing efficiency of two private health centers of a private medical college of India with two public health centers) in district Muzaffarnagar of state Uttar Pradesh. The input and output records of all these health facilities (two from private and two from Government); for 6 months duration from 1(st) Jan 2014 to 1(st) July 2014 was taken for deciding their efficiency scores. more


    Measuring Efficiency and Productivity Growth of New Technology-Based Firms in Business Incubators: The Portuguese Case Study of Madan Parque
    A. Grilo and J. Santos
    We used the Data Envelopment Analysis Online Software (DEAOS) and data of Table 5 for the average
    efficiency scores of the 13 DMUs in each scenario, applying the BCC output-oriented model. more




    An AMPL optimization software library for data envelopment analysis
    George Argyrioy, Angelo Sifaleras
    DEA Online Software is web-based software provided by Behin-Cara Co. Ltd. This service is capable for the solution of either single periodic or multiple periodic models, for a maximum of 500 units and unlimited indices in every project. more


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