• Data Envelopment Analysis Online Software


    General Features:

    • WEB-BASED Software which requires no installation.

    • Flexible data entry from EXCEL files and direct entry.

    • Multiple export options including XLS or XLSX, PDF, XML, and HTML formats.

    • Communication facilities and subject-oriented forums.

    Reporting Features:

    • Efficiencies with determining efficient and weak efficient DMUs.

    • Improvement schemes (Target levels) for each DMUs.

    • Reporting Slacks, Lambdas, each DMU’s references (Peer group).

    • Reporting each efficient DMU’s frequency as reference to other DMUs.

    • Reporting summary of results for each DMU.

    Specific Features:

    • Possibility of importing MULTIPLE-PERIOD data.

    • ZERO substitution, Epsilon, and TOLERANCE setting.

    • Orientation and Returns to Scale (RTS) control.

    • Categorical Variables and Non-discretionary Inputs/Outputs.

    • Table of data statistics for inputs and outputs data.

    • Graph of Efficient Frontier for one-input/one-output cases of our data.


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